Book Review: End of Watch (Bill Hodges Book 3) by Stephen King

Five years after the end of Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges Book 2), The Mercedes Killer, Bradley Hartsfield has been in a neurology rehabilitation ward. Not expected to survive his injuries, Hartsfield continues to live in a state that allows him to avoid prosecution. However, rumours of strange occurrences in his room are rife and Bill Hodges is not convinced Hartsfield is as helpless as he’s making out.

When more deaths occur, Hodges is convinced something isn’t right but can Hartsfield really be responsible when he’s unable to do basic things for himself?

As much as I enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy, I found this third one harder to take seriously. However, if I buy into the premise of hypnosis and subliminal messaging etc, this is an entertaining read to say the least, but it wasn’t particularly scary. Horrifying from the point of view of what Hartsfield tried to achieve but not chill inducing, goosebumps giving, hair-raisingly scary.

I may have wanted to love this book and certainly for a lot of the main characters this was a dignified end, but I felt it dragged a little too much as the plot tries to sweep us away with possibility, almost on the point of over-labouring it.

Despite my reservations after reading the book, I could not have passed on it after reading and enjoying the first two. However, my quest for a hair-raising read will continue.

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