A horrifying retelling of Farida’s story, a nineteen year old Yazidi girl from Iraq, whose family and life as she knew it was torn apart by ISIS. Her painful experiences and will to survive the torment her captors put her through are simply remarkable.

Giving the reader a true inside view into what the extremism of ISIS means to the people whose homelands have been desecrated by these terrorists, The Girl Who Beat ISIS is a difficult and sinisterly reminiscent read of oppression and genocide.

I am glad I picked up this book and was able to put myself in the position of the women in these war-torn areas and know of the real terror they experienced.

When you hear emotive headlines in the tabloids about refugees and those fleeing ISIS, it is sobering to read a first-hand account of what these people are fleeing.

A well-written emotional and factual account of atrocities that should not be happening in the twenty-first century.

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