I was kindly provided with a review copy of this book by Booklover Catlady Publicity in exchange for review.

A young family move to New York to make a clean start after tragic events, but their new start is tainted by events none of them can put behind them. The results are for all in the family to decline mentally as communication and relationships become strained. Can the family endure and come through the challenges of a new country intact?

I felt a bit disappointed by this horror read once I had finished it, mainly due to the fact I severely disliked Guy Russell, who had, in my opinion, very few redeeming qualities and didn’t seem particularly committed to his family or his job, rather just his own hedonistic existence.

I didn’t find the story scary or particularly spooky and to me this read more like a psychological thriller than a horror, even though I didn’t feel the author had a particularly great grasp of psychology to call this a psychological thriller.

The positive of this book was that I was intrigued enough to be curious as to how the story would end to actually read it to the end, but I will be making a point to do more research before I accept a book as a real horror read on face value again.

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