Book Review: My Time, Your Time by Mary Torjussen

Rachel and Alice are two online friends, who met in a bereavement chat room, four years ago. They talk daily, but when Alice was due to go on a blind date and Rachel had no contact with her since, she got worried enough to make the journey from Australia to the UK.

On arrival Rachel raises the alarm to say Alice is missing but the police won’t take her seriously and so she retraces Alice’s steps to find more questions about a friend she thought she knew well.

Suspicious of the man Alice stood up, Rachel investigates her friends disappearance with intriguing results.

I know as a reviewer I often say a book is gripping, but this one seriously hooked me as I was desperate to find out what happened to Alice. The intrigue and suspense was well written into this thriller and I found it impossible to put it down.

The twist left me haunted and bewildered and was definitely not what I saw coming. Mary Torjussen is a new psychological thriller author who knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seat.

I read this book for free through my Kindle Unlimited subscription but it is currently unavailable from Amazon.

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