Book Review: Shadow Menagerie by Michael Ayoob

A down and out town past the glory days of its steel industry is run by corrupt officials, who are brought an opportunity for rebirth, regrowth and recovery. However, the opportunity is vengeance disguised.

Regina is an adopted child as her single father struggles to bring her up, she finds herself suspended from school and discovers the history of the town they live in and an anomaly she cannot explain that haunts her.

The two stories about the town officials and Regina merge, as this horror gathers speed and you wonder what will happen to the town and Regina. As horrors go, this isn’t a bad read at all and I was rooting for things to work out for Regina and her small family.

An interesting read and my first from this author. I would be interested in reading more horror titles from Michael Ayoob.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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