Blog Reader Book Choices: Second Quarter of 2016

Every quarter I write a blog post telling my blog readers which book reviews had the largest audience in each month. Being so close to the end of June, and the most popular reviews having such a clear lead, I have decided to publisher’s post a few days early.

My most popular book reviews from April to June:

April 2016

The Dance of Dimitrios by Patrick Brigham #RBRT
I really enjoyed this mystery crime thriller, it was well written and mature, but may be upsetting to read post Brexit as it is set in mainland Europe and Greece. I have the sequel waiting on by Kindle.


May 2016

The Playground by CS Boyack #RBRT
A chilling fantasy thriller about sinister toy dolls which connect to a wireless network. What could possibly go wrong? But an unlikely and unsuspecting super heroine steps into the breach. An interesting read.


June 2016

The City of Mirrors (The Passage Book 3) by Justin Cronin
This epic concluding part to The Passage Trilogy was a long time coming, but what a conclusion! Revelations galore and a bittersweet ending tie up this extremely popular series.


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