June Good Fortune

Every month I enter competitions to win stuff and very rarely do I win, but this month I won a signed copy of The Paradise Trees by Linda Huber and I couldn’t have been more chuffed.

Linda Huber’s psychological thrillers are a new discovery for me and I have a few books from her back catalogue to read before a new one is due for release in Autumn this year.

Even though I am very lucky and get a lot of ARCs of books prior to publication dates, I was still sulkily disappointed to not win the new one from Mark Edwards which will be out this summer. Am I getting spoilt? Afraid so. I am totally prepared to buy his book but can I wait that long??

The disappointment of not winning a book far outweighs any negativity I feel from not winning the lottery. Books are just delightful and less complex and destructive in a way money can never be.

So despite the EU Referendum result going the opposite way to the way I voted, water pipes leaking and needing the attention of a plumber and a multitude of minor disappointments this month, nothing compares to the anticipation of winning more books to read.



  1. I can definitely relate with not winning. That can weigh heavily on you if you let it but it’s difficult not to feel down about it. Congratulations that you finally won. That shows your persistency to keeping aiming to win. Wonderful!


    1. Usually I’m used to not winning but after winning twice this year, I think I got too optimistic when I entered Mark Edwards’ competition. No doubt he would have had a huge number of entries to win one signed copy of his new book. Oh well, maybe next time.


      1. Twice this year? Wow that’s amazing! It stinks to have your hopes up to win and then you don’t but that’s better than being dark and gloomy.

        I notice the signed books are definitely the most difficult, near impossible to win because of the high count of entries but like you said, “maybe next time.”

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      2. That’s about how many I’ve got if not more. I purchased my e-reader in 2012. I felt like I was betraying physical books but now think of how silly that was.

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