Every month I enter competitions to win stuff and very rarely do I win, but this month I won a signed copy of The Paradise Trees by Linda Huber and I couldn’t have been more chuffed.

Linda Huber’s psychological thrillers are a new discovery for me and I have a few books from her back catalogue to read before a new one is due for release in Autumn this year.

Even though I am very lucky and get a lot of ARCs of books prior to publication dates, I was still sulkily disappointed to not win the new one from Mark Edwards which will be out this summer. Am I getting spoilt? Afraid so. I am totally prepared to buy his book but can I wait that long??

The disappointment of not winning a book far outweighs any negativity I feel from not winning the lottery. Books are just delightful and less complex and destructive in a way money can never be.

So despite the EU Referendum result going the opposite way to the way I voted, water pipes leaking and needing the attention of a plumber and a multitude of minor disappointments this month, nothing compares to the anticipation of winning more books to read.