Book Review: Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

This psychological thriller is about school teacher and newspaper agony aunt columnist, Margot Lewis, who receives a letter from someone claiming to be Bethan Avery, a girl who was abducted almost twenty years ago and presumed dead. Margot takes the letter to the police but after little interest and more letters of the same variety, draws the interest of Martin Forrester, a criminology, who feels the letters may contain important information. With another local teenage girl missing Margot and Martin try to unravel the mystery behind these letters, hoping it will lead them to the missing girl.

Even though I read many psychological thrillers, I start each one with an open mind and go with the flow. I don’t seriously try to guess the mystery or big twist and although this one gives big hints as to what that twist was, I still enjoyed reading it. The book was well written and i, personally liked Margot’s character.

There is contention amongst readers and reviewers about this book, mostly due to the psychological aspect within this book, but I didn’t find it a particularly hard sell as fugue states and amnesia are more common that dissociative disorders otherwise known as multiple personality disorder and that is nearly always taken without resistance by readers.

The suspense and action did have me on the edge of my seat and I thought the themes of child abduction, imprisonment and abuse were sensitively dealt with. Definitely a debut psychological thriller that was a hit with me.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
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