#BookReview: Wings of Mayhem (The Mayhem Series Book 1) by Sue Coletta #RBRT #BookBoost


I chose this book to read from Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team book list.

Shawnee Daniels is a gifted cat burglar by night and a police IT forensic investigator by day. Tragic events in her early life means Shawnee has led a troubled life and her burglary skills are a consequence of that. Shawnee has long left behind a life where she stole for her own personal gain and steals now from those who defraud others to even the score.

During one such night time cat burglary she finds herself in a home where the occupant hasn’t only stole funds but has a mysterious room with a padlock. This serves as a challenge and once Shawnee realises what is hidden behind the door she becomes a target for a ruthless killer.

Unknowingly she takes a box containing something the killer wants back and so ensues an elaborate cat and mouse game resulting in bloodshed as the killer relentlessly pursues her. There is a good amount of graphic blood and gore in the book but it is in keeping with the nature of this serial killer read.

The strength of this fast paced, high octane thriller lies in the many twists and turns in the plot and in Shawnee’s eccentric character. She really stands out as an original protagonist. I enjoyed reading a strong female lead with a good sense of humour.

Shawnee’s past is colourful and there’s much to learn about her family and her love of cats just added another dimension of enjoyment for me. However, be warned as not all the animals on the book remain safe from the bloodshed.

The added complication of Shawnee’s love life did nothing for me as I didn’t find the male characters in the book as strong or as appealing as Shawnee and her best friend Nadine. However, despite my disnterest in romance on this occasion I still really enjoyed this crime/mystery/suspense thriller, which gripped me from the very start.

Easy to read and impossible to put down, this is one thriller I am glad I picked up.

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      1. You most certainly must… I have a review of it on my site… under the reviews category somewhere if that will help. 🙂

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      1. A good choice in trendsetter, say what you like about Chef but the woman has style and poise. I’d love to have my hair like Shawnee’s but it needs to grow a bit first.

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