Avoiding Admission

The weekend was a scary time for me as a lot of things were going on at once, not least fasting for Ramadan. I am usually encouraged by medical staff and my husband to not fast as I have quite the drug regime to upkeep. However, feeling physically robust I decided it couldn’t hurt to keep the fast for a few days and see how I go.

To cut a long story short I managed to keep the fasts just fine until Friday when I felt a bit dizzy. Saturday I couldn’t deny I was having a few symptoms of severe dehydration and by Saturday evening my blood pressure was averaging around 80/51.

To say I wasn’t feeling well was an understatement and with the threat of ambulance and a trip to A&E, I started loading up on oral fluids. It took a good twenty-four hours before my blood pressure was consistently staying above 100/70 and I honestly thought I was staring a hospital admission in the face. Even today my blood pressure has been around 90/60 and I’m still feeling light-headed. Re-checking it has shown it to be low consistently and I am beginning to think simple dehydration may not be the cause after all and I may need further investigation.

I will be making an extra effort to stay hydrated this summer as it has become abundantly obvious to me I have little in the way of reserves when it comes to physical robustness and I definitely do not want to keep feeling so ill, that I am unable to read and blog, but other forces may be at play here.



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