In Case of Emergency…

Even though, we are extremely lucky with our cats and (touch wood) have few cat related emergencies, we find ourselves keeping up with what to do if a cat escapes or is unwell, for the sake of cat owners who homed kittens from us years ago.

Last night saw serial escapee, Baba, doing a moonlight flit and worrying his family. It concerns us greatly when a cat gets out as we live in a city and most of the kittens we homed are local. To our knowledge we have lost one beautiful bengal, homed locally to a traffic accident several years ago. However, fortunately Baba came home safe and sound this morning.

The advice we give when a kitten gets out is to leave a pair of recently worn shoes and socks outside by the front door or a window where the cat can get back in. Contact insurance company, who will advise and help with costs of fliers depending on your policy and local vets in the morning. In Baba’s case he likes to frequent a nearby school, so his owner has links with the school caretaker to keep an eye out for him.

Baba is microchipped, as were all the kittens we homed, to allow easy identification if they are found away from home.

We are relieved this errant explorer returned safely this morning and hope all the beautiful Bengals we bred stay safe.

Here are some more practical tips on what to do and how to ‘ve prepared if your cat goes missing:

Baba home safe and sound this morning


    1. Thank you, you’re absolutely right about having an action plan before something like this happens. They don’t usually go far as opposed to what you read in the media. We microchipped all our cats and kittens but this was before the more advanced biometric and GPS microchips were available. I think GPS microchip is a great idea.


  1. I’m constantly worried my bengals will sneak out as I live in the city centre and they are so curious! They try to sneak through the door when I come back. Though they get scared afterwards so not sure if they would actually leave. Hope not! X

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    1. Ours seem to gravitate towards any open door but have never managed to make a valiant effort to get through our front door. I think ours would be terrified if they did get out and would stick close by, but I hope I never have to find out.

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