Book Review: She Had No Name by Annie Jai

This disturbing and unusual psychological thriller centers around the character Lucy Kenmore, who is in love with Jamie an RAF pilot and best man at her sister’s wedding. Lucy is devastated when Jamie breaks their relationship off and tales to stalking him and contacting him through his parents. When he gives in to meet her he is shocked to find her pregnant and when she convinces him he’s the father, he decides to give their relationship another chance. However, things do not go well resulting in horribly tragic events.

This is one of those books where either narrator, Jamie and Lucy, are somewhat unreliable and you know something is horribly wrong but the what is confirmed much later. Lucy and her sister Ali have hidden their past and do not discuss their parents at all, so the secrets and lies are from a very early stage in life.

I found the story gripping as I really wanted to know what was the truth behind Lucy’s past and if she was deluded or calculating. The last half of the thriller reads more like a crime thriller as the police are involved trying to unravel what has happened.

This book deals with themes like mental illness and infanticide and is far from a comfortable read. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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