This week has started early for me as I usually see Monday as the first day of the week but I need to hit the ground running for the next five days.

Despite being abruptly woken by man and cat at 06:30 h this morning I’m feeling strangely positive and energetic, which is just as well as I really need to crack on with my reading because I’m going to be busy for most of the week doing non-reading and non-reviewing activities. I am going to be fitted for a CPAP mask tomorrow morning and am curiously looking forward to the experience as it will be my first and I can honestly say I don’t recall ever experiencing a CPAP mask fitting before as a clinician or observer.

Mondays mask fitting pales in comparison to Tuesdays trip to Sheffield, which will be tiring, due to an extremely early start, the usual nerves of getting to the venue, rush hour traffic and the second most intrusive appointment of the week.

Wednesday will see me home with a CPAP device in the mornings whilst the afternoon will be spent in uncomfortable contemplation in a predictably strained session at group therapy, which doesn’t feel to be going very well at the moment and could evolve into chaos.

Thursday I see my GP to tie the week off nicely. Blood results and new diabetic medication aside I hope I will have nothing further to discuss at this appointment. I’m not sure if it’s the underlying current of having no choice where CPAP is concerned or the added nuisance of women’s issues, when my reproductive organs have been less than successfully functional in my lifetime, but I am trying hard not to instigate feelings of hard luck as I navigate another busy week of being a patient. I can’t quite define my feelings at the moment but they are somewhere between anticipation and foreboding, so business as usual really.

Thankfully I do not go through all this alone and am accompanied by my literal tower of strength. Once this week is over I can concentrate on being positive for my birthday later this month, on the proviso there won’t be anymore intrusive appointments for four weeks from Thursday.