Book Review: When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmer

Molly and Leo have been going through, what at best, can be described as a bad patch in their marriage, when Molly gets a call in the wee hours informing her Leo has been badly injured. Leo’s job as a journalist going to dangerous places to write his articles has been one of the factors that has caused their separation, but when Molly flies to Rome she finds Leo has a brain injury which means he cannot remember their marriage at all and he is also unable to move his legs.

Put in a precarious position Molly decides to support Leo without revealing the contentions of their relationship in case it proves too much for his injured mind to cope with. However, Leo slowly starts recalling events and there are somethings that she is holding back that need to be addressed but can their relationship survive the secrets, bad blood and Leo’s disability?

This is not my usual kind of read as I do avoid the romance genre, but this was a relatively easy read to fall into. I found part one of the book sedate but things get much more intriguing in part two and the last ten percent of the book made me felt glad that I did pick it up.

There’s no real adrenaline or a mind-blowing reveal, this is a story of two people who want to be together against the odds but on a pragmatic level want different things in their marriage. I was glad that both Molly and Leo had faults and are very human in the way they react to each other and the issues in their relationship.

This novel hasn’t converted me to a romance novel fan but it was deeply moving in the end and gave me a much needed feelgood boost.

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