Book Review: Payback by Kimberley Chambers

The Butler family are notorious in the east end neighbourhood they live in. Vinny Butler, is the oldest of Queenie Butlers three children. He’s also ruthless and feared. Vinny doesn’t like being disrespected or crossed and doing so has proved fatal in the past. However, Vinny is keeping a secret from his mother Queenie and her sister, his Aunt Vivian. At a time when the Butler family are mourning the loss of Vinny’s younger brother, Roy and cousin, Lenny much turmoil surrounds this notorious criminal family and things are about to get worse…

I absolutely loved delving deep into the mid to late ’70s East London and using the many appropriate pop culture clues to immerse my imagination into the world of the Butlers. I enjoyed the drama and the truthiness of this family saga and felt more than a little bit bereft when I got to the end of this novel.

Alongside relentless Vinny is his youngest brother Michael, who has the conscience his older brother lacks, but doesn’t quite have the courage to stand up to him. Both brothers revere their mother the family matriarch, but only Michael has time for their estranged father Albie.

Although this story starts with murder, crime and family drama it eventually evolves into a chilling whodunit regarding a child abduction, which culminated the the most appropriately dramatic way to end this book in the series about the Butlers. I had not read any of the other books in the series and found it no hindrance to enjoying Payback, which in my opinion is a must-read.

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