Frank Ramsey was convicted of rape and murder a year ago but when a mysterious benefactor steps forward to pay his legal bills to appeal his conviction, the case is reopened. Now prosecutor Jessie Black has to face the man again in court and worse still the only eye-witness and surviving victim seventeen year old Kristen Dillard will have to face the trauma of testifying, but legal politics aside why would anyone want Frank Ramsey free?

I really enjoyed this legal thriller, which had so many interesting aspects other than the central case. The inter-departmental politics, the conspiracy theory underlying the story and the questionable science behind eyewitness testimony all made this a very gripping read that I could not put down.

I loved Jessie Black, a seasoned prosecutor who is a bit of a loner but has her own frailties and gets close enough to care about victims to her own detriment. Not all the action in this thriller is in the courtroom and there were situations with an abundance of suspense in the story too.

I will look forward to reading more thrillers from this author.

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