Book Review: Free of Malice by Liz Lazarus

Laura, a freelance journalist, is home alone as her husband is away on a business trip and an intruder breaks into her home and assaults her. This mysterious, tall, muscled man flees when Laura fights back and when the police arrive they find no fingerprints. As a result of this night Laura feels afraid and has nightmares, on the insistence of her husband she she’s a psychologist and comes up with an idea for an article based on her assault. Laura hypothesises the outcome had she had a gun and shot her attacker. To help her with the legal aspects of her article she retains a lawyer, Thomas, but this defence attorney seems to know just a little too much about the night she was assaulted, is Laura paranoid or is her attacker close by? 

I have to say this author has a gift of drawing in readers and I could not stop reading this once I started. I quickly became invested in Laura’s plight to feel like she did before her attack. I found reading her therapist notes interesting and the legal arguments she has with Thomas as well as her court visits as an observer gave this a legal thriller feel. 

As much as I loved reading Laura and getting immersed in the story at times it felt like research was being thrown at me and subsequently slowing the pace of the story. Despite this, I loved the whodunit aspect of the story and was at the edge of my seat during the suspenseful moments. I quickly became frightened for Laura and her paranoia was infectious. 

A definite must read for suspense and mystery. I would love to read more from this author. 

Links To Book: 

Amazon UK
Amazon US


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