Book Review: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

In a society where moral judgement is policed by a committee called The Guild, people found to have morally questionable judgment are sentenced and branded by a court. Once branded they are to live by a different set of rules in society and are considered outcasts.

Seventeen year old, Celestine, lives a charmed life. Her grades are perfect and so is her boyfriend, Art, who happens to be the son of Judge Crevan who is the head judge of The Guild and is feared and revered by all. Celestine loves logic and sees almost everything in black and white, however she finds herself one morning breaking rank and helping a flawed man on a bus, leading to her own detention and subsequent case to be called up in front of Judge Crevan.

Realising that the implications of a society that visually brands individuals as flawed has deeper issues about what is fair and just, Celestine finds herself a poster girl for both those for the flawed and those against it, as she adjusts to life as one of societies outcasts.

In a brave New world that she has never experienced before, she no longer knows who to trust and is having to learn fast where her own morality lies. I was truly gripped whilst reading the change Celestine endures and the effect it has on her family and the way her piers perceive her at school.

Celestine is not a bland heroine, but a girl discovering her own identity and what she stands for, which is interesting reading and raises many questions about the utopian society she lives in where appearances are paramount and any imperfection not tolerated.

The good news is that this story concludes in two parts, the bad news is the second concluding part will not be available to read until March 2017, of this gripping story.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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