Book Review: Girl on a Train by A J Waines

On a train journey back to Waterloo, Anna, a free-lance journalist sits next to an unsettled woman. Knowing that they are both headed to Waterloo, Anna is surprised when the woman gets off the train at an earlier stop and is haunted by her encounter with the woman when she hears of her death on the train tracks.

However, the unfortunate woman reaches out to Anna after her death by leaving her a gold heart-shaped locket as a clue, but exactly what are the clues too? Anna has no idea her search will tie back to her own past when she sets on the trail set my the girl on the train.

I found this thriller easy to read and moderately paced as we follow protagonist Anna on her quest to find out who this mysterious woman was. Anna cannot believe the stranger committed suicide and makes use of her investigative journalist skills to find all she can.

With allies and enemies emerging on her quest, this story is engaging and gripping as the mystery of the woman herself and her missing nephew drive the reader’s interest in this story.

Chilling and far from predictable, this is a definite must-read for mystery thriller fans. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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  1. Nice Review! I was completely spoiled for this book! My colleague and I was talking about the Girl on the Train – I assumed she meant the one by Paula Hawkins but she was talking about this one and now I know what happens :O that’s a plot twist!

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    1. It’s a good read, not to be confused with the mammoth success The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Hope you enjoy it at least as much as I did.


  2. Great review! I don’t know, I normally love thrillers and mystery novels and yet for some reason I just couldn’t get into this book. It annoys me because so many people have recommended it to me!

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