Book Review: Muddlin’ Through (A Mary Jo Melendez Mystery) by Steven M Moore

Mary Jo is a war vet with some serious skills. After being injured in Afghanistan, she is cobbled back together and finds employment working in security. Her world is turned upside down when her sister is held hostage and Mary Jo finds herself framed for a crime she didn’t commit.

Due to her previous record in the military she comes to the attention of a covert government agency who would love to recruit her, but is she being given a chance at revenge or being used as a loaded weapon? Not sure who to trust Mary Jo muddles through a jungle of politics and armed men to avoid going back to jail or worse.

I absolutely loved the character Mary Jo, jaded, cynical, straight-talking and tough, but human at the same time with flaws and a sense of humour. This thriller is narrated by Mary Jo and hence written in her vernacular, which at times reads in note style.

Mary Jo’s story is exciting and gripping as she moves from one precarious situation to the next and finds allies in the dangerous world of drug trafficking and espionage as she avenges her family. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US


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