A killer targets the headmaster of a school, but the death is thought suicide. Two disgraced police officers a put together and told to stay away from a murder investigation but what they discover is not only pertinent to the case but shocking enough to make them question if these gruesome murders weren’t after all justified.

This crime thriller very interestingly tells the story from multiple points of view as well as going back in time to show us the origins of some of the characters. There are gruesome scenes described and if you aren’t used to reading gory aspects of the crime thriller genre this could come as a shock and be disturbing, but the book description does point out this book is not for the faint hearted, quite rightly.

All the characters in the book are flawed and damaged and ultimately the line between right and wrong is blurred as your allegiance as a reader is challenged through this intense read.

Some of the pieces of this puzzle fit together as you would expect, some take a bit more time to figure out but despite the fact there was no major twist or big mystery revelation in this plot, this is still a compelling crime read and our two underdog protagonists DS Miles and DS Grey make a very readable team with a difficult case to solve.

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