Book Review: The Victim by Eric Matheny

A lot of intrigue in this legal thriller where young defence attorney Anton Mackey is retained by a young woman, Daniella Avery, to represent her husband who was arrested for assaulting her. However, this case is not about domestic violence as it soon becomes clear that Daniella has a hidden agenda and it relates back to an accident that took place eleven years earlier when a drunk driver walked away from a crash that caused two fatalities.

The bare bones plot of this novel is compelling without doubt and even though Anton is not a protagonist I could particularly like or root for, I was desperate to find out how the characters fitted into Anton’s past and present. He has a lot to lose as he has just become a father and his private practice is just getting off the ground.

The legal intrigues of how he was going to handle the situation in court was also gripping and highly readable. However, I found that the author wanted to tell us a lot of detail about the characters and their pasts which lengthened the book tremendously and I found myself wishing a good editor had got their hands on the narrative to sharpen it up.

Despite this, it would be a crime to miss this legal thriller as it really is exemplary of the genre and one I could not stop reading until the very end. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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