Book Review: The Last Thing I Remember by Deborah Bee

Sarah is admitted to hospital with a serious head injury. She is  in a coma but is able to hear people around her at times. She has no recollection of her life or how she ended up injured, but starts to piece things together. Her neighbour, Brenda, and her daughter, Kelly are the closest to her but neither one of them are forthcoming and time is running out for Sarah as her prognosis is looking bleaker by the day.

Told from the perspective of Sarah, who is aware but not awake and Kelly, this psychological thriller slowly unravels the story of a friendship between two women who support and look out for each other. With the backdrop of South Tottenham and the gang warfare and social deprivation of the area, we are given a perspective into Kelly’s life at secondary school, rife with bullying, and Sarah’s life, which she has kept intensely private.

Can the truth of what happened to Sarah be discovered and will she ever wake again? A truly gritty tale that will keep you gripped throughout.

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