Book Review: Entanglement (Entanglement Series Book One) by Katie Rose Pryal

I read and reviewed this book for Paperback Reviewer.

Entanglement is the story of two unlikely friends Daphne and Greta, who have both been bruised by their relationship with their fathers and decide to live together after college in LA. The women navigate their lives in this vast city, which has effects on them not just personally but on their friendship. When Greta is attacked all issues come to a head.

An easy read with some great characters with compelling past history up especially, made this book a joy to read. I quickly became engrossed in Daphne and Greta’s friendship and was heartened by their unconditional support of each other.

I’m not a huge romance fan but found this pretty easy to get into and would be more than happy to read more in the series.  This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links To Book:
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  1. I love novels that explore the complexities in female friendships. I think it’s an under-represented theme that adds depth (and authenticity) to any story.

    (Also, I went to UCLA and have lived outside Los Angeles my whole life. Books set in SoCal rock my world!)

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    1. Totally agree female friendships are under-represented and would definitely add a dimension to a lot of stories in the right hands. I’ve never been to LA so living precariously through these books.


  2. I really enjoyed this book too. I think Katie is a great writer. I loved how well developed the characters were and as an LA native, loved her view of LA in the 90’s. Also the research she did for this book -wow!- fantastic!

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