Book Review: No Reason is Reason Enough by Mark Anderson

No Reason is Reason Enough is a psychological thriller, which reads as a genuine memoir of a mass shooter and sociopath, who appears to have got away with a school shooting killing thirty-seven and injuring three.

The book is told from this heinous antagonists point of view and although our fictional author claims to be telling us how he did what he did, the why is eloquently conveyed too. Interspersed with the account of his upbringing and the lead up to his plans are quite graphic accounts of what occurred during the shootings told by our narrator.

I honesty found reading this dark thriller easy to get into despite the difficult subject matter. If I had been told this was a story about a true crime and not a fictional account of a fictional shooter I would have had no trouble believing this, which is a true testament to author Mark Anderson. Anderson not only wrote a gripping account of a shooter but he cleverly disseminates the apathy and distorted ideas courted by our main character.

Disturbing, dark and utterly intriguing, this book was an absolute nail-biting read and I recommend it to those who want a bit of realism and social commentary alongside a gripping story.

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