Book Review: No Time Like Now by Jennifer Young #RBRT

I chose this book to read from Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team book list.

More a 3.5, I’ve rounded up.

Megan had fled her past, her hometown and her family after a tragic event four years ago. She now lives and works in Majorca and leads a reasonably solitary life having never quite recovered from the loss and betrayal of her past. When the man she’s been hoping to avoid most walks back into her life, Megan tries to handle the situation with poise but the history between them is too painful to let bygones be bygones, despite the fact Tim might be involved with someone else.

In the meantime a body washes up on the beach and Tim, who is a geologist, is warned away from doing his work, never one to back down his stubborn nature leads them all to danger.

Contemporary romance is not my usual genre and although this book offers a fair deal of thrill with a body and mystery, the romance left me a little underwhelmed. I felt no real depth of feeling from Megan and she seemed a bit bland, Tim a supposedly dashing hero, just didn’t do it for me, although he did have some moxie.

The last 25-20% of the book was marginally more exciting than the lead up but I can’t say this one has inspired a new passion in romance books for me. Still it’s quite a captivating beach read if romance is your bag.

Links To Book:
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