Book Review: The Boy Under the Table by Nicole Trope

Tina ran away from home and now lives in the Cross, a rundown area of Sydney rife with runaways and vice. One day she discovers a boy and knows she has to do what she can to save him.

Doug and Sarah took their eyes off their children for sixty seconds, that was all it took for Lockie to wander off. After searching and staying in the city for a month to find him they return heartbroken to their farm. Will they ever see their boy again?

This extremely moving thriller is told from the point of view of Tina, Doug, Sarah and family friend and local policeman, Pete. It is difficult reading in many places due to the emotive themes, but the heart and warmth in this story makes it a difficult one to forget.

The fear and anguish experienced by each of the characters can be acutely felt as you read the words of their story and the author shows remarkable insight into the human psyche. This book really managed to resonate with me and although disturbing in parts, you root for the characters.

This was a challenging book to read as I felt so invested in the characters and the realistic portrayal of neglect and abuse are not easy to read, but I am glad I did choose to read this remarkable book about a family and a little boy who was lost.

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