Book Review: The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

An old farm and house are the setting for the death of a young girl, Gertie in the early 20th century. Shortly after what is assumed, the accidental death of Gertie her mother, Sara is found murdered, thought to have been killed by her husband. Over a hundred years later the story of Sara and Gertie still haunts, as Ruthie now lives in the old house with her mother and younger sister. One night when Ruthie returns home her mother is gone, leading her on a trail to discover the diary kept by Sara in which she recounts the events surrounding the death of her daughter and her experience with what she terms sleepers, as well as more recent family secrets, but can any of it be true?

This spooky horror thriller was almost instantly difficult to put down and the pages and time flew by as I was gripped with the curiosity to know more about the characters back in 1908 as well as the present day occupants of the house adjacent to Devil’s Hand. With a cocktail of old folklore, betrayal, revenge and grief this story takes you on quite a journey.

I personally was not disappointed by the ending as it was unexpected and still left me chilled, whilst showing a level of compassion that is mostly unexpected in horror reads.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve never read anything by McMahon, but I’ve just downloaded this one on Amazon. I usually don’t read horror, but the way you’ve described it makes me think that I’ll read and enjoy it.

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