Book Review: Innocence by Dean Koontz

When outcast Addison catches sight of Gwyneth in a library after hours being pursued by a man, his entire existence shifts as he finally has a friend. Addison has always believed he is hideously disfigured in such a manor that it induces people to react in disgust and violence. Lead by Gwyneth they go on a mission, the implications of which he cannot possibly understand, until the very end.

I thought this horror mystery/suspense thriller was very cleverly told but the narrative was hard to get into for the first third of the book. What initially seems like a simple case of vengeance and overcoming greed morphs into a much more meaningful mission and the supernatural elements were satisfyingly tied up and explained, but a strong belief in monotheism, if not Catholicism, would probably be required for the underlying message to hit home.

I would say this probably is far from the best of Dean Koontz but still an engaging read.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



      1. I have Lifeblood sitting on my bedside table. I’m torn between reading it soon or saving it for Halloween. I’m not sure I can wait for Halloween.


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