Book Review: Rowan’s Well by CJ Harter

This book is about Mark Strachan, whose life is mapped through the chapters leading to one very significant day. Mark and William meet at university, a number of adverse situations, in which Mark seems complicit casts a shadow over his true character, until the day his actions change everything, not just for Mark but for William as well as the sisters they married.

I found this novel initially slow to get into but the more I read about Mark and his interaction with others, the more drawn and invested I became in Rowan’s Well. The story is told not just from Mark’s point of view but from the point of view of William, Olivia and Eloise, so you get a wide view if how Mark is perceived.

Mark is damaged from a young age but the subsequent events in his life lead to difficult questions about this secretive and relatively closed off individual who is complex and mired in contradiction.

A truly haunting and captivating read about a difficult character.

Links To Book:
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