Book Review: Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

This stand alone mystery/suspense thriller from Sharon Bolton is about missing children. There have been a spate of thriller books I have read recently about children but this one is different in that it is based in the Falkland Islands in the mid-nineties. Catrin lost both her young sons almost three years ago, which led to the breakdown of her marriage.

However, three children have disappeared without any explanation in the past three years and as the locals gear up for a search opinion is split whether the disappearances are due to a serial abductors or simply the result of accident. When the fourth child is gone suspicions turn to those closer to home.

I found this book easy to get into and the characters well written, there was very little that was predictable about the plot but near the end I did feel my faith slipping a bit as everyone tried to confess to a crime, which just seemed a shade too far-reaching to me. Overall I found the book lacked a sparkle that I have come to take for granted in good thrillers.

I found reading about the Falkland Islands and its wildlife very engaging and I can’t fault the book for the multiple curve balls thrown to make it gripping.

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  1. A really interseting book. I had never read a book set in the Falklands before, but as my husband served there, it was interesting to read about the setting, as well as the story.

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