Book Review: Stockholm Syndrome (Dr Hope Sze Medical Mystery Book 4) by Melissa Yi

A night on call turns into a tense hostage situation for OB resident, Dr Hope Sze, when a man dressed in a burqa pulls out a gun on the hunt for his pregnant girlfriend. Can Hope and friend Tucker stop the bloodshed and talk themselves out of this deadly situation?

This tense and taut short suspense medical thriller is lightened up by the sense of humour Hope injects into the narrative, but everything that can go wrong seems to in this heart-stopping story.

The booze and drug addled antagonist is truly heinous to read and the tension of our two protagonists is palpable as they try to circumvent further shootings whilst keeping themselves safe.

The attention to detail as well as the writing in this thriller is exemplary and I look forward to read more about Dr Hope Sze in future. Although this is my first book in the Dr Hope Sze series, not reading any of the previous books did not detract from my enjoyment of this thriller.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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