Book Review: Thicker Than Water (Grayson Trilogy Book 3) by Georgia Rose #RBRT

I chose this book to read from Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team book list.

This last part of the Grayson Trilogy reads more like an edgy thriller than the first two books. Things start to look perilous for Emma again as she receives a cryptic message from someone who has obviously been watching her. As the identity of this person comes to light it turns everything Emma has known about her past and herself upside down. However, there is much more at stake now that Emma is pregnant and Trent is not going to be taking any chances with her safety or the baby’s.

I found this part of the trilogy more taut and suspenseful than the previous two as the intensity of the characters and story increased. The focus shifts more onto Emma and is less on the estate, missions and Cavendish as the threat in this book finally comes home. The revelation of who Emma is and why she was pointed in the direction of the estate to take the job becomes clear.

A truly majestic end to a gripping trilogy.

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    1. Yeah I should have done a quick search on Google when I came up with the title as it is a popular one but I was so determined I wanted it I just didn’t – I’m not sure what I would have changed it to had I seen all the others anyway and it fits my story perfectly 🙂

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