Book Review: Before The Dawn (Grayson trilogy book 2) by Georgia Rose

In this second book of the Grayson series we learn more about all the people working at the manor and their roles as Emma is thrust into a dire situation that not only puts her in peril but those in her charge. A terrifying pursuit and ordeal follows. However, a mysterious stranger is found to have helped her and disappeared, leaving many unanswered questions.

Emma is strong and determined but shows some vulnerability and acknowledgement that she can’t just go it alone, despite her instinct to do so.

I was holding my breath through the action part of the book, feeling fear and foreboding for all the characters I’d come to know from the first book. Again the horses had important roles of their own in the excitement, which added to the action.

Trent and Emma had a lot to work out in their newly formed relationship too, which kept the romance in the series going.

Although the book didn’t end on a cliff hanger, the intriguing appearance of another character, unknown but willing to step in albeit briefly is what spurs me onto the next book in the series.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful review Babus šŸ™‚ You really are a prolific reader aren’t you!! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it enough to continue onto the next one…where all your questions will be answered šŸ˜‰ I’ll keep my fingers crossed….

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  2. For reasons unknown to me, but probably because I’m trying to set up a new computer and nothing is the same, I am unable to click on the ‘like’ buttons – however I shall just say I very much like all the comments here šŸ™‚ Many thanks!

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