Book Review: A Single Step (Grayson trilogy book 1) by Georgia Rose

When in a short space of time Emma Grayson’s world is turned upside down, with the devastating loss of her daughter and the subsequent impact on her marriage, a unique job advertisement is put through her letterbox. Feeling the need for change, Emma goes forward and applies to manage the stables at a Manor Farm, but when she gets there the job surpasses her expectations in many ways and her co-workers scupper any plans of self-imposed isolation she may have had in mind. However, nothing prepares Emma for the hazards that await her in her new job.

This romance thriller was easy to get into and read. The characters instantly likeable and the setting charming. I don’t know much about horses but my natural curiosity and love of animals made this aspect of the book welcomed reading and the horses as well as Susie, Emma’s dog be game integral characters in the story.

I loved the themes of lost faith, confidence, trust and redemption in this book as well as the lovely setting in which the story takes place. There are quite a few moments of suspense and excitement as well as heart warming feel good parts that made this a lovely read for me.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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