I started writing this blog three years ago as a log of where I was with my multiple illnesses. It was a blog, rather than a personal journal, because I wanted to connect with others, who like me have felt limited, intimidated and shunned because of physical and mental illness. I needed to find a way to speak out and express myself, as very few people actually know me.

In an era where so much of our perceptions are shaped by what we read on the internet, I wanted to step out and have my view heard too. As I became more self aware as an individual, living with chronic illnesses, I didn’t want to do so alone and in self-imposed isolation, which arguably is one of the factors at the root of my anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

As I continued to write my blog it was inevitable I would write about the books I read, as I enjoy reading so much. I never really fully realised how much I read and how central to my life books are, until I started keeping track.

This blog has evolved into mostly a book (b)log of books I have liked and loved. Although I still drop a line or two about how I’m personally doing from time to time. As much as I invite authors, publicists and other book bloggers and book lovers to recommend or send me books, mostly ones that I have truly enjoyed make it onto my blog.

I originally only had one or two readers, then I was delighted as more than ten people read my blog and now I get around seventy to eight readers a day. I have spent a lot of time and effort utilising advice, tips and help from other passionate bloggers to get my blog out here, let it shape and grow.

I make no money from blogging, my book recommendations are not made with any competing interests or financial gain. It is reward enough to be swept up in a book and being able to pass this along to someone else who may also experience similar passion for a book.

I immensely enjoy sharing what I have read and in lieu of being in a physical sociable environment discussing books with fellow enthusiasts and connecting with others who have enjoyed the same books as me, I channel the part of me that would like to chat books here. In my offline life I have no fellow book friends.

I enjoy being retrospective about the books I have read and started compiling my best reads list of the year in 2014, which was a popular blog post and last year’s top ten reads should be coming up soon. These are the books I have awarded five stars and were, in my opinion, my best reads of the year.

This blog has introduced me to many new authors and a great community of bloggers. It’s nice to be out here.