Book Review: Blue’s Point by Richard Ferguson

Paroled convict, Steve Cox, returns to his hometown, Blue’s Point, where he has a job lined up and a place to live, two conditions of his release. However, Blue’s Point is stuck in the early nineteenth century where segregation is still the norm but publicity of the town’s prejudice has drawn a large skinhead following. When Mykeisha Ali (Mike) a journalist from Houston arrives to investigate, she is far from welcome, but she is determined to write her expose on the town. However, neither Steve nor Mykeisha know that larger plans are afoot in the town and they have stumbled into what will shortly be a battle for Blue’s Point.

This fast paced, well-plotted thriller was easy to get into and at the beginning the way it was written made it ambiguous as to the time in which the story takes place, but clues emerge to help you grasp the modern day isolation of the town.

Without a doubt there is violence in this thriller but also a level of sensitivity required to give points of view and a balanced outlook to accommodate the characters and the story with respect. An engaging and interesting read. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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