Life With Tinky: Update

We had our struggles with Tinky earlier in the year when she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, however on her current diet of Hills r/d she is thriving and has doubled her weight. We changed her to dry food as she tolerates small frequent meals better.

From a frail feline who barely moved and did so reluctantly to get up and eat or drink, Tinky is now a frisky feline, who plays with toys, something she hasn’t done for a long time. She’s been running around playing fetch as well as running up and down stairs. She had a brief, “should’ve gone to Specsavers,” moment when I threw one of her mice for her to fetch and she returned with a ball of wool, but other than that has been pretty spot on in her activities. She’s still not a huge fan of Basil, but tolerates him, despite some very salty language and seems to be getting on with everyone else.

We have to feed her separately as the others would gladly finish her food off for her and she has taken her separate feeding in our bedroom as confirmation of her elite status, which routinely involves screaming in my ear at 6 am to wake me to throw mice for her to wrestle. We had one, “Twilight,” moment when she couldn’t help herself and lunged for some fried chicken, but we managed to intervene before any real harm was done.

Despite the slight adjustments we’ve had to make we couldn’t be more grateful for the progress she has made as I honestly thought we might lose her this year, but she reassures me there’s mileage in her yet.



  1. I wish we’d had that food some years ago, when our boy Buster died of kidney failure. Patty and I are very happy for you!
    We put up our Christmas tree today, which now requires us to watch our two little girls like hawks. Robbie and Peep got into much, much worse trouble as kittens, though.
    Still gives me the heeby-jeebies to think of it.


    1. Lee I’m a total Christmas tree coward and have given up putting a tree up until I have a way of protecting one from the cats. It has been a steep learning curve regarding food and I think we have been abundantly lucky with Tinky. We are warned every time she goes for her check ups that there’s no reversing kidney failure just managing it and hopefully slowing down the decline, but she is looking well and for that we are grateful. We have a handful that have never grown out of being kittens and keep us constantly and literally on our toes.


  2. So happy to hear Tinky is doing well! One of our cats is on a special life-long diet after suffering from a urinary tract infection. We were told that if she was a boy, she probably wouldn’t have made it. These little furballs are surprisingly resilient!

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