Book Review: The Cunning Woman’s Cup by Sue Hewitt

This contemporary fiction read delves into history to tell us about an ancient cunning woman and her plight at the times of the Romans. Her story is progressed at the start of each chapter telling us about Alice and her family. Alice has lived in rural Northumberland all her life and the object linking the past and present in this novel is a cup that is unearthed in her garden by her gardener, Brian. The countryside plays a prominent and positive role throughout this mystery and family drama.

I found this book very charming and well told. it’s a warming and positive story about respecting differences, nature and each other, which I found a welcome respite in thriller reading. The plot is complex and weaves many stories together, but what is surprising is how the author makes you care about all the characters and you get involved in the lives of Alice, her neighbours and family.

An uplifting contemporary read with interesting historical aspects. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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  1. So glad you liked this, I really enjoyed it when I read it and as you say, you are drawn in to the characters so much they become your friends. I know many readers who would recommend this book too.

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  2. Digging up an ancient cup, or anything of an archaeological nature, can bring bad luck. I am thinking of a family in Canada a couple of years ago, who had the misfortune to find an aboriginal grave in their backyard. The government swept in, declared the whole property an archaeological site, the owners lost the use of their yard, and, to top it all, the government made them pay for the dig!

    Never, never, never let your property come to the attention of the government.

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    1. With the main character’s staunchly Christian point of view and the underlying theme of paganism in this novel I felt enriched by the differences in the characters and pleasantly mystified by nature and the world we live in.


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