Book Review: Disclaimer by Renée Knight

The opening chapters of the book alternate between Catherine, a woman who has discovered a book found in her home, which she firmly believes is about her, and Stephen, an old widower, who is struggling with the loss of his wife and seems to feel a need to avenge something. However, nothing is as it first seems in this psychological thriller as the events from twenty years in the past are finally brought into the open.

A truly gripping read that starts of in quite a puzzling way, I wasn’t sure how the lives of Catherine and Stephen intersected, but the ominous use of language had me convinced early on that this was not only going somewhere dark but there was going to be a hell of a twist involved. I was not disappointed on either count, however, I did guess where part of the story was leading.

Drawing in themes of seeing people, particularly family through rose-tinted spectacles and never really fully knowing people, this was a hell of a thriller, with many aspects that didn’t quite fall into place until the very end, even though a large part of the mystery seems to be solved approximately half way through the book.

A well-written thriller telling a well-crafted story that will keep you guessing until the end.

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