Book Review: The Middle Child by Angela Marsons

Hearing about the death of their abusive mother brings sisters Catherine and Alex back into contact with Beth, the middle sister who stayed behind to look after their mother. Catherine and Alex have their own demons: Catherine has twin girls and a demanding job that means her family life suffers, Alex depends on alcohol and a streak of self-destructive behaviour.

The death of their mother works as a catalyst to bring the sisters to a crisis point but can the ones they love stay and help them or will they be driven away by the demons of their past.

A truly harrowing, but brilliant psychological thriller that was difficult, tragic and heartbreaking, but filled with positivity and optimism. The difficulties the characters faced as children were hard to read and their resulting pain as adults more so.

There are no major twists in this book and the ending may come as a surprise, but the raw honesty with which the novel is written won me over.

This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links To Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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