Review Requests vs Books I Want to Read

As it’s the first day of the final month of the year, it’s too early to write my Blog Readers Book Choices 2015 for the last half of the year, but I felt some sort of stock taking was in order to shape my reading for the month of December.

Currently I have a list of forty-four books, loaded onto my Kindle, which have been brought to my attention by authors and publicists, that I have accepted to read and review. Looking at the list, the requests date back to mid-October 2015, which currently makes the waiting time from the time a review is requested to being published seven and a half weeks.

The number of books I have purchased to read from my own personal browsing is twenty-nine. The book waiting the longest on my own personal reading list has been waiting since January 2015 to be read. I am pleased that I have managed to read more books that I would have picked to read this year, but I am disappointed with myself for pushing a book back ten months from purchase without realising it.

I read approximately twenty-five books a month so I will get through current book review requests of books loaded and ready on my Kindle in approximately two months so I don’t feel pressured or pushed for time. I do feel a sense of loss though when I realised I still haven’t read books I added to my wishlist from last year’s Goodreads Book Awards.

There will undoubtedly be books from this year’s winners I would like to read once the list is published and that is what makes me feel pressured. Am I missing out on books I would read if I wasn’t accepting review requests?

If I stop accepting book review requests now, I will not run low of books until middle of 2016, I am not counting the books I will be recommended from Kindle First and those I have yet to purchase from my ever-growing want- to-read list.

Looking at these stats, I am tempted at this point to plan to stop accepting review requests and see how my reading list would fare if I only read and reviewed books I bought from my own personal browsing. Would it be expensive? Would I read more books I want to award five stars? It would be interesting to see.



    1. I do have a copy of Lifeblood, which arrived a bit late for my Halloween reads, but I am itching to read it. I was thinking of saving it for next year’s Halloween reads but I’m not sure I can wait that long.


  1. Interesting post! I have similar problems, I have over 70 bought unread books on my Kindle, some purchased as long ago as last Christmas! I keep trying to take a step back from review copies to concentrate on my personal collection, but I still have around 15 review copies waiting at the moment and it’s always so tempting to try something new! It is a dilemma.

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    1. It is a dilemma as reading is supposed to be me time but sometimes it feels like I’m meeting the agenda of others rather than entertaining myself. I try to avoid physical books as they throw my list into confusion.

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  2. I don’t consider myself to be a book reviewer (other than being part of Rosie’s team) but I do review the books I read as a reader. This is a very interesting post as I am planning on doing one similar (and will link to this if I may) having done my accounts for the year and found out just how many books I have downloaded. I was pretty shocked and it’s no wonder I am way behind on reading and reviewing!

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    1. Of course you are welcome to link to anything on my blog. The books really do mount up, which I became aware of last year but thought that being more selective with review request books I would lighten the load, but alas it doesn’t feel this way. I am primarily a voracious reader, the reviews I write are an incidental. It just feels like a shame with all I read that I am not getting through my personal wishlist.


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