As it’s the first day of the final month of the year, it’s too early to write my Blog Readers Book Choices 2015 for the last half of the year, but I felt some sort of stock taking was in order to shape my reading for the month of December.

Currently I have a list of forty-four books, loaded onto my Kindle, which have been brought to my attention by authors and publicists, that I have accepted to read and review. Looking at the list, the requests date back to mid-October 2015, which currently makes the waiting time from the time a review is requested to being published seven and a half weeks.

The number of books I have purchased to read from my own personal browsing is twenty-nine. The book waiting the longest on my own personal reading list has been waiting since January 2015 to be read. I am pleased that I have managed to read more books that I would have picked to read this year, but I am disappointed with myself for pushing a book back ten months from purchase without realising it.

I read approximately twenty-five books a month so I will get through current book review requests of books loaded and ready on my Kindle in approximately two months so I don’t feel pressured or pushed for time. I do feel a sense of loss though when I realised I still haven’t read books I added to my wishlist from last year’s Goodreads Book Awards.

There will undoubtedly be books from this year’s winners I would like to read once the list is published and that is what makes me feel pressured. Am I missing out on books I would read if I wasn’t accepting review requests?

If I stop accepting book review requests now, I will not run low of books until middle of 2016, I am not counting the books I will be recommended from Kindle First and those I have yet to purchase from my ever-growing want- to-read list.

Looking at these stats, I am tempted at this point to plan to stop accepting review requests and see how my reading list would fare if I only read and reviewed books I bought from my own personal browsing. Would it be expensive? Would I read more books I want to award five stars? It would be interesting to see.