Short Stories Review: Short Sharp Shockers by Mark Edwards

Consenting Adults

A chilling short story featuring Edward Rooney, the private investigator from the Novel Follow You Home, which follows the events in this short story. Rooney is hired by a local business woman to track down a missing employee who is like a daughter to her, but her disappearance seems more and more sinister as he investigates.

With twists and turns that keep you entertained this short story broke all my prejudices of short stories and was a highly intriguing and enjoyable read.

Guardian Angel

A creepy short story of Laura, who suffers a broken heart as her fiance breaks off their engagement leaving her bitter and angry, but when she discovers she has a stalker, Laura is frightened and suspicious of everyone around her leading to dire consequences.

This may seem like a predictable read when you pick it up but it is far from easy to see where this is going and in true Mark Edwards style shocks and chills in equal measure.

Kissing Games

A dare taken on by two 12 year old boys results in them stumbling into an old psychiatric hospital where more than just a chequered history and rumours of killers now lurk.

A truly horrifying short story, which again is chilling and grotesque with a touch of goriness thrown in for good measure.

This digital boxset of three short stories is available to read for free when you sign up on Mark Edwards Author website.


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