Book Review: Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges Book 2) by Stephen King

This title is ranked number one on Goodreads Best Horror Books of the 21st Century.

When obsessed fan, Morris Bellamy takes the contents of acclaimed writer, John Rothstein’s safe, he makes a series of equally poor decisions which sees him locked away. The spoils of his crime however find their way to help the family of one of the City Center Massacre, but it’s not easy to acquire money and a stolen legacy without notice.

The return of Hodges, Jerome and Holly in the second booming this series is interesting and like the first this is undoubtedly a good thriller, but also like the first it’s definitely more thriller than horror and that makes me a tad disappointed and sad.

A good thriller not to be missed if you read Mr Mercedes but I hope the next one scares me.

Links To Book:
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  1. My wife and I used to gobble up everything Stephen King wrote, but we went off him when he kept repeating himself.
    My own horror novels of the 1980s were pretty good Stephen King knockoffs, but I wouldn’t be interested in trying to do that anymore.


    1. I’m still waiting for a copy of Lifeblood to be delivered to me. I am a bit disappointed with Finders Keepers and more than a little miffed about why it’s at the stop of a horror list on Goodreads.


      1. Well, it is out of print. But what do you mean, “at the stop of a horror list on Goodreads”? I can’t make any sense out of Goodreads’ site–it’s too computery for me.


      2. “Lifeblood” was published in, I think, 1987 (accepted in 1986, on the day I bought a new vacuum cleaner and came home just in time to get the call from the senior editor at Pinnacle Books).

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