Book Review: The Book of You by Claire Kendal

Clarissa Bourne is being stalked by someone she works with. Her stalker is clever, manipulative and knows just how far to push things. Realising that the police won’t take action unless she has sufficient evidence, Clarissa takes steps to document and collect evidence whilst she is during jury duty, in a case that makes her acutely aware just how difficult it is to get a prosecution in sex offenses.

An absolutely terrifying psychological thriller, which not only had me on the edge of my seat but gave me actual goosebumps and elicited a fair amount of frustration on Clarissa’s behalf. Men come off very badly in this thriller and if I was single this would put me off romantic liaisons for a long time.

An intense and terrifying read.

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  1. The only stalker in my neighborhood is a woman. Yes, you read that sentence right. She lives to persecute one of her neighbors. And there’s nothing to police can do about it. One of these days it could get out of hand. It has led me to believe that law and the processes of law are rather useless when it comes to restraining nuts.

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    1. It’s a terrifying reality that stalkers fall through a gap in the law, this book chillingly highlighted just how precarious life can be for those who are targeted. I’m not surprised that a woman can be just as obsessive as a man, but I think as a society we see women as ‘safe’, which can be a dangerous assumption to make.


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