Eccentric private detective Cormoran Strike returns in this second book of the series; an author’s wife hires Strike to track down her husband who has form for taking days away from his family, however when Strike discovers his body in what is staged as a ritualistic killing things are complicated when the method of his demise has been written in his own pre-published controversial book. With many suspects and much bad blood between them Strike must unravel who the killer is before the Met press charges against his innocent client.

This is a well written and researched crime thriller, which although not as thrilling as the first one, still was interesting in the themes it included of publishing and writers, but what reading this second book reinforced to me was that I personally don’t find Cormoran Strike an alluring literary character, for some reason I am immune to his charm and not even the hidden depths of his assistant Robin and her tumultuous relationship with her fiance could keep my interest up. I can’t fault the plot or the writing and this is far from the worst crime thriller book I have read this year but I am just not taken with Cormoran Strike.

However, if you enjoyed reading Cormoran Strike in the first one, this one will prove just as entertaining.

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