More Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself Before My OCD Manifested 


The most hurtful words you can say are, “I give up.”

People don’t change and they shouldn’t have to, but growth and learning is mandatory for everyone; accept everyone with their shortcomings, but not at the expense of your self-respect.

Don’t ever pass on the hurt, humiliation, insecurity and pain you feel to anyone else; it must stop with you. 

Reflect positivity back into the world wherever and whenever you can. 

Physical pain will come and go but you will subject yourself to constant emotional pain over and over again, if you can’t leave the past in the past. 

You cannot pour from an empty cup, look after yourself even when there’s no one around. 

Resist the urge to rush everything. 

You will always have more than you need or want, be grateful, but it will never make you feel loved, until you completely trust someone. 

The most important things you need have no monetary value and cannot be taken from you.

If something is yours, it will find it’s way to you. 

Look deeper to find your desires and do not get hung up on everyone else’s desires on your behalf.

Everyone is in the same boat but some are better at faking it until they make it than others. 

Things are never as bad as they may seem, there are always choices, optimism is recognising that. 

Don’t hurt yourself to prove anything; that damage may never heal. 

People who extraneously criticise and judge others do so because they cannot hold themselves responsible for their own actions. 

Gossip, laughing at the (alleged) misfortune of others and looking for things to make yourself think, or feel, you are better than someone else, robs you of the opportunity to be your best, promotes and disseminates negativity obliterating friendships, best wishes, personal growth and goodwill you could potentially have. 

Meeting some people will feel like you have won a lottery in hell but don’t let them ruin future friendships. 

If you do feel like you’ve been dragged down to someone’s petty level, just bounce back to being you as soon as possible.

You might think you have no insight into your own behaviour but you are definitely reflecting on yourself more than most. 

There is no secret to being happy; it’s linked to kindness, selflessness and generosity, but never take them for granted from others. 

You will always be amazed at the kindness of strangers, no matter how cynical you get.


  1. Although I don’t have OCD, I do have ADHD with OCD tendencies. My boyfriend was diagnosed with having OCD about 15 years ago. I can relate to your struggles. Hang in there. Your mind is the most powerful tool in the world!

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  2. OCD for me hits in fits and starts, mostly revolving around writing and crafting.
    I know, logically, I won’t get something perfect the first time I do it. Or even the fifth or maybe even the tenth but my common sense doesn’t listen to my brain so i get discouraged. Grrrrrr.
    I wish I could go back and tell myself to believe in myself; I can do anything if I only believe that I can do it. To not get sucked into the internet; spend more time with family and get out and do things, make new friends.
    It takes a real effort of will to get me to do something outside this apartment &/or my comfort zone. I’m trying to at least get out of the comfort zone occasionally. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.
    Panic attacks in large crowds does not help with getting out there either *sigh*, at least not if I’m by myself.
    Thanks, you always give me something to think about.

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    1. I’m in the same boat, I try to have a routine that pushes me out of my comfort zone, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been quite inactive. When I do go out or feel myself getting anxious I try to anchor myself to my environment; focus on what you see, smell, hear and taste, but I can’t be out for long as its very tiring. I’m learning I’m not alone in how I feel and trying hard to change my jaded perception of myself, but it took years to get like this so it might take a while to grow confident again.


      1. The older I get the worse it gets.
        I have to have my boyfriend with me for crowds. He knows the signs and will start throwing elbows to get me to the closest exit.
        I’ve been thinking of a yoga class if there’s one at a convenient time and place since I have an hour to kill after work before I pick up or friend and roommate. I can only spend so much time in the food court at the mall.

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  3. This was a really great post. i really liked “You cannot pour from an empty cup, look after yourself even when there’s no one around.” such true words. but then again everything in this post was just awesome and made me pause and think. I dont have OCD but I think there isnt much that can tip me to become OCD. I really hope you grow more in your confidence, a little everyday is still alot. “little victories”

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  4. I haven’t been diagnosed with OCD, but quite honestly believe I have a tendency to be borderline. In fact, I’m somewhat anti-social and I crave silence. I am hard on myself and I really do not think I’m good enough to be a writer or anywhere near it. I am often within my comfort zone and not out of it, because I feel safe. So I too try to take steps out of my comfort zone. My mind I use and rely on heavily. I do yoga religiously and run. It is that adrenaline that gets me going, makes me feel like I can just “be” and step out if I need to be brave.
    I love that you speak your truth so well and accept who you are. You are posting and helping at the same time. What an adorable photo.

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    1. Thank you, I think we all need order of some kind but it can be a life with all the joy sucked out of it to live with an overdrive of compulsions and intrusive thoughts. I am learning to change my internal monologue one statement at a time.

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