Book Review: Falling to Pieces (Rose Gardner Book 3.5) by Denise Grover Swank

A short story dealing with events after Joe leaves Rose, alternating from Rose and then Joe’s point of view. Rose finds it hard to keep her resentment towards Violet at bay and Joe deals with the devastation of their relationship as his father wields his power over him. 
This short edition between books three and four although doesn’t really forward the story much, fills in details and continues to develop the main characters, setting us up for the next book, Thirty One and a Half Regrets. 
Links to Book:

Amazon UK
Amazon US


  1. I love the cover to this novella collection! It does sound like it doesn’t really add too much to the series plot though, but mostly for the main characters. I think if I were to read the series I would just skip out on this read.

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    1. I’m still divided about the novellas. I find myself unable to pass them up, because I love the characters and for completeness, but I’m used to big things happening in the novels so they are anticlimactic in the end in comparison.

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