Despite having an Apple iPad 3 64 G with WiFi and 3G since 2012, I felt the need for another tablet. Why? My husband was always using it when I needed it, it’s awkward and painful, to the hands and wrist, to hold at 4 am when writing a blog post, I was bored of it, I was curious about having a non-Apple device or any/all of the above.

As fate would have it my desire for another tablet coincided with a flash sale on Amazon UK for the Kindle Fire HDX 7. I’ve had this tablet for 10 months now and I do like the majority of its features, however two things really bug me about this device: no rear facing camera and too frequent crashes, particularly when I use the WordPress or Facebook apps.

A lengthy chat with technical support a week ago led to a full factory reset for my device, which was another unnecessary inconvenience since it didn’t really help much and I had to recollect a score of passwords. No, I feel frequent crashes are an added feature of this tablet that they just don’t tell you about.

Now I stand at a decision precipice of buying another tablet to replace my Fire HDX and ashamedly the new devices on sale from Amazon UK have caught my eye. Do I upgrade to a Kindle Fire HD 8 (£200 approx)? Or do I just blow the budget and get an Apple iPad air 2 (£700 approx)?

The pros of my current set up is a lot of free Amazon Prime TV boxsets and films, not to mention music, which I can access with ease on my HDX and it probably will be super simple to move to the Fire HD 8. The other consideration is my ability to adapt and change has semi-retired and it makes me cranky to change systems, whereas only 5 years ago a new device out of a sealed box set my heart soaring, so why not live a little?

Life is short and considerably shorter for us Pulmonary Hypertension sufferers. If I believe the studies out there I have somewhere between 2-5 years since diagnosis to live, (I really must follow my own advice and not Google pulmonary hypertension!) or more realistically I will be fine until 2027ish when things will start to head south, if I read between the lines of what they tell me at outpatients clinics. In which case I can afford to procrastinate over buying a tablet for a bit longer.

The cons of staying with my current set up: no rear facing camera, which if I’m being brutal really really ticks me off more than I expected when I bought this device and going from no rear facing camera to a good quality one from Apple is a huge tick in the box. Putting up with the frequent crashes is not an appealing choice either, my expectations of the HD 8 crashing just as much are very high indeed. It would be a challenge and an exercise in patience and adaptability to get a new Apple device at this stage, with more advance technology, therefore reducing the time I have bufferface.

My heart desires a new tablet but my mind is saying no. The argument put forth by my mind is that it’s cheaper to do nothing and remain in the status quo thus avoiding the capitalist trap of wanting more and more and feeling like you’re less and less. This argument has held constantly valid against buying a new TV (we really don’t watch many programmes at all), a new smartphone (I hardly use the one I have) and I am constantly using it against my husband when he insists I need a little supercar to run about town in. Any car that doesn’t draw attention and I can reach the peddles is fine with me.

Ideally it would be great if my HDX 7 just grew a rear facing camera, however this is about as likely as me winning the lottery (I don’t buy tickets), so my position against capitalism remains and if fate intervenes and there’s another flash tablet sale (very unlikely), I know I must face the challenge to adapt. In the meantime I continue to save my work frequently in case it all disappears and let my heart and mind grapple with the pros and cons.
Victor (above) and Victory (below) illustrating the
concept of grappling.