More Adult Colouring 

Recently I have been unwell, it’s not serious but just an expected occurrence now when seasons change. I have cold/flu like symptoms and to make me feel better I have been colouring to take my mind off my aches and pains. 

These are some of the pictures I have coloured since my last post on adult colouring.



  1. Wow….these are great!! You’re really talented. May I ask what you use to color your pages? Are they coloring pencils? I love the owl. So intricate. I’d like to try my hand at this but don’t know what to use.
    I hope you feel better. I empathize with you because the change in seasons has me done in as well – aches, pains, allergies, and just a general feeling of being unwell. I’m glad coloring brings you peace and helps you to cope. ( :

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  2. Wow! You’re good!
    I positively love color-by-number sets… and I can’t seem to get them. I grew up on Venus Paradise color-by-number. I loved filled in a space here, another one there, maybe stick with one color for a while, and watch the picture take shape. Absolutely the best thing for you, if you’re sick in bed–even better than an erector set, or a book of King Arthur stories.

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    1. Thank you, I have heard of colour by number sets but never seen any in the flesh so to speak. I procrastinated about the colouring books for weeks before finally buying one. My next hobby project is to learn Kumihimo, but I am looking forward to doing that when I’m better. I have my hands and time filled with remembering to take pills and drinking fluids at the moment.


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